Today when a customer searches for your hotel on Trivago, Kayak, Google or TripAdvisor, their only option is to book through an Online Travel Agency (OTA).

With RoomKnights, your website is listed as a direct booking option – saving you from paying high OTA commissions. And our simple and smart booking options increase conversions.

Take the guesswork out of bidding for clicks in metasearch and let our algorithms do the work.

Our optimized metasearch puts you in control of your metasearch spend, by automatically adjusting your bids and budget to ensure you get the most return on your investment.


  • Connects your hotels directly to all major metasearch channels.
  • Set a monthly budget to pay for clicks.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms automatically calculate how to bid to achieve the best ROI.
  • Let the system determine which search engines and which positions to bid on.
  • View all hotels in a single dashboard to monitor activity, spend and ROI by metasearch channel.

Hotels see an average of 10x — and in some cases up to 50x — ROI on metasearch marketing spend with RoomKnights.



There are many players bidding for the chance to book your hotel and the cost-per-click changes constantly. Staying on top of how much to bid in each metasearch engine is a full-time job. RoomKnights has developed algorithms that mathematically calculate how to get the best ROI for your hotel. Hotels have seen an average of 10x — and in some cases up to 50x — ROI on metasearch marketing spend with RoomKnights.


According to Google Search Data, 58% of leisure travellers and 68% of business travellers always start their travel booking and shopping with search. As a Google Partner, RoomKnights gives your hotel access to the latest techniques available to help you sell unused inventory, without price parity restrictions and capture direct bookings from Google’s metasearch engine.


Even with automatic optimization of your bidding strategy, careful attention must be paid to what your competitors are doing and how you are priced compared to the OTAs. That’s why our team of Conversion Experts are with you every step of the way to ensure your resources are well spent.

"Hotels need to partner with more companies like RoomKnights that are constantly thinking ahead rather than just following the trends. Anytime we have needed help, or even had a question about something in general, they have been there for us."

– Patricia Affonso-Dass, Group General Manager, Ocean Two Resort

Our booking engine makes hotels more profitable with exclusive features such as 24-Hour holds and rate alerts that maximize conversions and yield more direct bookings.

Put your booking engine to work for you.

The RoomKnights booking engine is more than just a software tool for booking rooms – it gives you the competitive edge with exclusive features to entice customers to book direct rather than through an OTA.


  • Customers can put rooms on hold, giving hotels insight into future demand and the ability to send individual offers to close sales.
  • Capture email addresses from guests who have asked to be alerted when the price of a room changes.
  • The system can automatically adjust special offers depending on the hour of day as well as the geographical point of origin.
  • Innovative Mobile Booking process allows customers to easily browse on mobile and book on desktop.
  • Allow customers to book the room type they really want, even if it isn’t available for the total duration of their stay.


Offer better prices and availability than any OTA without breaking rate parity by combining different room types into one reservation.


Capture customer email addresses and desired travel dates before they book so you can send special offers to each guest.


Intelligent tools can automatically adjust restrictions when necessary to prevent unused inventory and maximize hotel occupancy.

10-50% of the shoppers that use our exclusive 24-Hour hold feature book the room they put on hold. These bookings would otherwise be lost.

Applied Expertise at Your Service

Our Conversion Experts help your hotel get ahead fast and stay on the cutting edge of metasearch advertising. With years of experience and access to our advanced tools, our Conversion Experts partner with you to boost your direct bookings and optimize your marketing spend.

Save time and get results faster by using our Assisted Metasearch Services. We do all the setup and ongoing management of your ad spend and constantly fine tune a customized approach for your hotel.


  • Get the best exposure to potential shoppers on channels including Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak and others.
  • Ensure your pricing is competitive on all the OTA channels.
  • Optimize the mix of metasearch channels and bidding to produce the highest return.
  • Learn if your website is helping or hurting direct bookings.
  • Review and discuss your monthly results with one of our Conversion Experts.

We actively monitor, analyze and evaluate campaign performance, critical conversion factors, and ROI  – in short: we are your conversion partners – focusing on optimizing your marketing budget.



Using their extensive experience and advanced tools, our Conversion Experts extend your brand’s reach into the most appropriate sales channels based on your hotel type and customer targets. Greater exposure translates into more shoppers.


Our Conversion Experts know the pros and cons of each metasearch channel and will implement a buying program tailored to the needs of your hotel. Activity is reviewed regularly and in collaboration with each hotel changes can be made instantly to get the best results.


Each month, our Conversion Experts provide detailed performance analytics and summarize the most significant findings. In addition, they bring forth issues and suggest ideas to help improve results such as new pricing approaches, bidding strategies, website content and design and competitive positioning.

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